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Doggie Day Fair 2

What’s in a pet’s name?

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Do you carefully choose your pet’s name?

We do now. But I have to admit that we didn’t before. Our pets’ names mostly pertained to the animal’s physical characteristics—I think the corniest one ever was “Brownie” for a brown dog, while her black-colored companion we called “Blackie.” My dad remembered being so embarrassed giving the dogs’ names when he brought them to the vet. Since then, he asked me and my sister to think of better names for our pets—he was the one who usually brought the animals to the vet anyway. 😀

Some of our pets still have funny names. But at least they’re thought-off. Take Kutonbol for an example. She was the only white dog among her batch of Sheero’s litter, and the only one who had took on most of her askal father’s characteristics. She was white as a cotton ball, but as “askal-ish” as you can think of. So we gave her a name that represented just both those qualities: an askaled version of “cotton ball.”

I named Harry after my favorite book character, Harry Potter. But somehow, he just looked like a Harry. The name just fit him. Choknat, on the other hand, I named after my favorite local candy, Chocnut. For some weird reason, the name fit him too. Sheero was named by my husband’s brother, but they originally named her “Shiro.” Since Sheero really wouldn’t know the difference anyway, I decided that she would be “Sheero” when she became ours.

“Shiro” means “white” in Japanese. I just made the “i” with “ee” so it looked cuter. 😀

So now, you can ask, “why Shantee?”

Simple. Sheero had been a great dog—an internet dog celebrity in her own right. She was known by quite a number of bloggers for a dog. We wanted Shantee to be great too, and give her a chance in the limelight like her “big sister” Sheero. So we based her name on another foreign word, “Shanti.”

I did some research and found that “Shanti” meant “inner peace” in Sanskrit. If Sheero’s name was a true fulfillment of the Japanese “shiro”—with her all-white fur—but Shantee’s is a bit more metaphorical. You see, Shantee is like a tiny, loose cannon ball with four legs and a tail. There isn’t anything “peaceful” about her, at least on the outside. So yeah, we’re banking on the fact that peace in her is “inner.” Hehe.

So how about you? Do you give your pets meaningful names? Do share! 🙂

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