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Doggie Day Fair 2

Which celebrity is your pet?

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I’ve been blogging about serious stuff so much, I think it’s time for a little fun! If your dog were a celebrity, who will he/she be?

I tried this quiz on my three favorite dogs, and guess who they ended up to be?

Shantee is Paris Hilton!

Shantee and Prais Hilton

The pet celebutante who started it all, Shantee is notorious for attracting camera crews wherever her peticured little tootsies take her. Always looking for a good time, play comes first and work comes… well, let’s just say you’re still waiting for that so-called work part to come. The only problem with Shantee is that she hasn’t really found her calling yet, unless sneaking in the back door of the hippest spots in town can be considered a calling. But, as it goes with royalty, she was born into it and wears the tiara divinely, so Shantee is in no real rush to secure one of those “job” thingies. Her pet worth is in the gazillions, which guarantees continued appearances on Lifestyles of the Rich and Furry.

Harry is Will Ferrell!

Harry and Will Ferrell

For a while Harry was just funny on Saturday nights, but that’s all changed now that he’s taken his act on the road. Whether he’s being silly in real life or on the silver screen, Harry has a true knack for making people crack up. Harry has even managed to make the crossover to the cyberwebs, where he delivers raw, fresh, uncooked humor to his countless cyberpet fans. A fast runner, Harry runs marathons when he’s not dreaming up his next slapstick routine. Widely talented and able to impetsonate any number of two and four-legged critters, Harry’s fans will be lapping it up for a long time to come.

Choknat is Mick Jagger!

Choknat and Mick Jagger

The ePETome of someone who knows how to have a good time, Choknat is a mover and a shaker, onstage and off. His luck with his lady friends is legendary and Choknat has obliged many of them by giving them a little shelter. Known for his unique barking, Choknat relishes his time in the spotlight and loves to let loose and give his audience what they expect. Unable to get satisfaction, he and his pals still paw away at the prize, clinging to the memories of the past as he continues to churn out the hits that made him a leader of the pack.

Want to know which celebrity your dog would be if he/she was a celebrity? Take the quiz on Dogster to find out! Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what celebrity your pet is 🙂

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