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Doggie Day Fair 2

Yay, we won tickets!!!

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Yup, you read it right: we won tickets!!! Two movie tickets to the advanced 3d screening of Cats and Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore on August 18!!! That’s tomorrow!!!! WEEE!!!!!! Shantee is so my lucky charm 😀

We actually got there a bit late, spending way too much time waiting at Pet Express so Shantee could get a bath. We missed the “Pack Leader Talk” by PETiks Atbp., but we were able to watch a game of musical sit and stay by smart dogs and an obstacle course run by energetic pooches. But tickets weren’t the only stuff we won:

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Shantee got two boxes of COSI Pet’s Milk for being sooooo adorably dressed! Dog Fashionista FTW!!!! 😀

Many thanks to for such a fun day. It was Shantee’s first time in Ali Mall, and she had so much fun too! It was a bit weird going around with Shantee there, as Ali Mall didn’t used to allow pets inside. The event that day was also Ali Mall’s way of showing everyone they’re now pet-friendly. And we’re so glad they are, as Ali Mall is now being added to Shantee’s “go to” places 🙂

By the way, today is the last leg of the Cats and Dogs 2 Mall tour. Head over NOW to SM North EDSA Sky Garden, and get your own chance to win tickets to this PAWsome movie! More details here.

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