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Meet Alpo’s tech-savvy doggie ambassador: Toffee! 12 May 2013  •  Be the first to comment

Check out this cute video by Alpo. It’s the first webisode of their series, so you can expect more cute doggie videos to come! 🙂

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Shantee had an Aww-mazing Day in Tahanan Village! 29 June 2012  •  Be the first to comment

She certainly did! It’s been a while since Shantee had been on a road trip with us. Science Diet’s Aww-mazing Day event was in Tahanan Village, Paranaque. We live in Cainta, so it wasn’t exactly near. Luckily, it was Sunday… Not too many cars, so we got there in about […]

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Well-Fed, Well-Nurtured: A responsible pet ownership campaign 13 June 2012  •  5 Comments

In the Philippines, there are about 9 million households currently owning at least one pet dog or cat — and this increases every year. With this, there’s also an increase in pet-friendly establishments, as well as an increasing appreciation for health and wellness for pets even to the point of […]

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Pet cremation and aftercare 4 October 2011  •  4 Comments

Losing a pet is one of the most difficult experiences a dog owner goes through. A pet passing on is a fact of life, but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier. I’ve lost most of my pets to old age, and being with them so long makes saying goodbye […]

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Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser 30 June 2011  •  2 Comments

The weather has been really weird lately. We get downpours of rain, but every now and then, it’s sweltering heat we need to endure. My dogs are naturally long-haired, so it’s always important to keep them hydrated — at home, or anywhere. Thanks to Bow & Wow, we were able […]

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Battling the sweltering summer heat 14 April 2010  •  5 Comments

One of the best things about living in a tropical country is never having to worry about preparing for the cold winter. Here in the Philippines, there are only two seasons: wet and dry seasons. We usually have to worry about is water-proofing our houses from the constant rains and […]

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Pet owners: Consult a vet, not the internet! 19 March 2010  •  4 Comments

When I first started this blog, I expected to receive comments and messages from readers asking advise regarding their pet’s health. I’ve made the necessary disclaimer on my site that I am not veterinarian, and that this blog is purely a chronicle of my life with my dogs. But still, […]

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Chillin’ at Sonya’s Garden with the doggies! 7 June 2009  •  7 Comments

I’ve been wanting to post this entry for the past week, but I just didn’t have the time to because of work. I don’t normally like being bugged down by work, but we had quite a relaxing weekend last week so I was pretty much rejuvenated. You see, my husband […]

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Please help find Cocoa 11 April 2009  •  9 Comments

A fellow dog-lover approached me with a plea for help: her elderly dog, Cocoa, has been missing since March 8. He was wearing a colorful dog tag bearing his name, his owners’ address and their phone number. The owner of Cocoa (koh-koh) shares that through their own investigation, they were […]

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An ode to Whitey 19 January 2009  •  15 Comments

This was Whitey, an aspin and Labrador Retriever mix. She was my sister’s favorite. Whitey passed away yesterday. We don’t really know why, but nothing can describe my sister’s reaction except for “devastated.” 🙁

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