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Shantee had an Aww-mazing Day in Tahanan Village! 29 June 2012  •  Be the first to comment

She certainly did! It’s been a while since Shantee had been on a road trip with us. Science Diet’s Aww-mazing Day event was in Tahanan Village, Paranaque. We live in Cainta, so it wasn’t exactly near. Luckily, it was Sunday… Not too many cars, so we got there in about […]

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Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser 30 June 2011  •  2 Comments

The weather has been really weird lately. We get downpours of rain, but every now and then, it’s sweltering heat we need to endure. My dogs are naturally long-haired, so it’s always important to keep them hydrated — at home, or anywhere. Thanks to Bow & Wow, we were able […]

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Chillin’ at Sonya’s Garden with the doggies! 7 June 2009  •  7 Comments

I’ve been wanting to post this entry for the past week, but I just didn’t have the time to because of work. I don’t normally like being bugged down by work, but we had quite a relaxing weekend last week so I was pretty much rejuvenated. You see, my husband […]

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