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Doggie Day Fair 2

Pet Wellness

Kubrick is a Busy Paws graduate! 21 September 2012  •  Be the first to comment

I can’t believe I totally forgot to blog about this… I’m so sorry, Kubrick!!! Last 1 September 2012, Kubrick graduated in Busy Paws’ first module. Yay, we’re so proud of you, Kubrick 🙂

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Well-Fed, Well-Nurtured: A responsible pet ownership campaign 13 June 2012  •  5 Comments

In the Philippines, there are about 9 million households currently owning at least one pet dog or cat — and this increases every year. With this, there’s also an increase in pet-friendly establishments, as well as an increasing appreciation for health and wellness for pets even to the point of […]

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Kubrick at the Busy Paws Time to Play launch! 3 June 2012  •  Be the first to comment

Last weekend, my husband Marc and I (together with Kubrick) attended the launch of Busy Paws Time to Play at Mercato Centrale. It was organized by Urban Sports K9, a club of passionate dog owners with the goal to get fellow dog lovers into canine sports. Aside from the usual […]

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Walkies: Morning, afternoon, or night? 22 April 2012  •  Be the first to comment

For my dogs, walkies is their most favorite activity for the day. I’m yet to master walking four dogs at the same time, but it’s always fun for me and the dogs. I try my best to give them walkies every day. After all, it’s exercise for me too (handling […]

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Train your dog before running a dog-human tandem race 19 August 2011  •  4 Comments

Ever since my first full marathon (42k) last March, I haven’t been training seriously. Occasionally, I’ll run a 10k road race, or a 5k one… But other than that, I’ve been quite less “active” if you compare it to my training months. I didn’t really have a goal to focus […]

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Running a doggie race? Be prepared! 14 July 2011  •  Be the first to comment

It’s now two days to go before It’s a Dog’s Life: A Presidio Dog Marathon. This Sunday, dog-lovers and dogs alike will come together at Presidio Lakefront in Sucat for the much-awaited dog + human tandem run. But as much as we all just want to have fun, it’s still […]

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Run with both your human and dog family at the Good Housekeeping Family Fun Run 1 April 2011  •  Be the first to comment

Guess who’s running at the Good Housekeeping Family Fun Run this Sunday at the Manila Ocean Park? Me and Shantee! 😀 Shantee’s so excited she just had to have a “dress rehearsal” of her race bandana: My husband Marc will be running with Kubrick… He didn’t really plan on going […]

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Suryia and Roscoe: BFFs!!! 20 January 2010  •  Be the first to comment

Suryia is an Orangutan and Roscoe is a dog, and they’re BFFs! (Best Friends Forever). Two years ago, Roscoe wandered into The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS)’s compound and met Suryia, TIGERS’ animal ambassador. Since then, the two became friends — best of friends! No one came […]

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Happy Holidays from Pinoy Dog-Lover! :) 31 December 2009  •  Be the first to comment

So, it’s a new year again! 🙂 I was supposed to add a photo of the doggies in this post, but they don’t seem to be in the mood for pictorials today. Firecrackers are scaring them! (As early as now, we can already hear some firecrackers and fireworks in the […]

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Do dogs grieve? 10 December 2008  •  8 Comments

Do dogs grieve? I honestly think they do. When I lost Sheero, our human family wasn’t the only one who grieved over her passing. Coal, our black Labrador Retriever, was closest to her. We heard him howling every night for about a week after Sheero’s passing—his way of showing how […]

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