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Doggie Day Fair 2

Shantee had an Aww-mazing Day in Tahanan Village!

She certainly did! It’s been a while since Shantee had been on a road trip with us. Science Diet’s Aww-mazing Day event was in Tahanan Village, Paranaque. We live in Cainta, so it wasn’t exactly near. Luckily, it was Sunday… Not too many cars, so we got there in about an hour and a half. Shantee wouldn’t mind a longer trip, but with my husband Marc driving, getting stuck in traffic would probably not be a good idea for the sanity of the humans in the car 😛

When we got there, registration was already starting. So many doggies!

The Tahanan Village Clubhouse was the perfect venue for such an event. There was a stage where they introduced the event’s beneficiary, Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and an overview of Science Diet products, as well as their celebrity guest, Daniel Matsunaga and his big dog!

Later on, the host asks the audience to face the field for an exciting Agility demo by BetterDog Canine Behavior. Kubrick would be jealous if he was there!

I honestly wanted to take a photo of me and Daniel Matsunaga’s big dog (and Daniel Matsunaga too, of course!), but Shantee had other ideas…

She loved being the center of attention so much that she “inserted herself” in another dog and his owner’s photo shoot by the pool of ice. I was talking to Nina and Kaoko (with dog Cooper), and the next thing I knew, Shantee was already posing beside a lady trying to get her photo taken with her pet!

Shantee, being the Dog Fashionista that she is, probably knew what was in store for her when she lined us up on her own in this booth: free ear cleaning and nail clipping!

After the Agility demo, the BetterDog Canine Behavior folks opened the agility course to the pet owners and their dogs. Dogs were everywhere! 😀 It was so fun seeing them all together in a place like that. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos while we were there playing with the other dogs, but we were having too much fun to notice!

Shantee was nowhere near Kubrick’s ability on the agility hurdles, but she particularly enjoyed climbing up the planks and went down fearlessly. She sleeps on my desk in the home office, so it wasn’t really surprising that she wasn’t afraid of heights.

There was also a Bone Hunt, kind of like an Easter Egg hunt game. I wanted to join, but Shantee wanted to rest. She pulled on a white table cloth and laid down as if she owned it. Of course, I couldn’t allow inconsiderate behavior like that! 😛 While Kaoko and Cooper were playing the Bone Hunt game (which I wanted to do too), I was finally able to coax Shantee out of her table cloth bed into a plastic chair while we waited for her turn at the Dog Grooming booth.

Aside from the free grooming booth, there were also free vet consultation and even vaccination. Shantee’s medical records were already updated, and we were too lazy to line up for the consultation 😛 And just like in human events, every doggie participant went home with a loot bag.

Shantee made a lot of new friends that day. She’s always been friendlier that Kubrick, and would let anybody touch her as long as they also compliment her (yep, my dog is vain that way). It was certainly a fun afternoon for all of us. Even my husband, who usually get board in events like these, found himself something to do — like play basketball with the home owners 😛

The day would have been perfect… Except for the irresponsible pet owners who didn’t clean up after their dogs. I just hope attendees would be more responsible and pick up their pets’ poo… The host was repeatedly reminding people to clean up after their dogs, but some people are just so hard-headed and lazy. Irresponsible owners like that dampen an otherwise really fun day. Other than that, it was a fun Sunday for all of us!

If you want to join in the fun, no worries, there’s another one tomorrow! This time, Aww-mazing Day will be held at the San Lorenzo Village Clubhouse in Makati. Same time, 3PM to 6PM.

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