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Walkies: Morning, afternoon, or night?

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For my dogs, walkies is their most favorite activity for the day. I’m yet to master walking four dogs at the same time, but it’s always fun for me and the dogs. I try my best to give them walkies every day. After all, it’s exercise for me too (handling four happy dogs is such a workout!).

Walkies at the village park

We’ve been doing walkies at different times of the day, and the question is: What time is the best time for walkies?

Morning Walkies
I notice that whenever we go for walkies in the morning, the dogs are real bundles of energy! I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that they’ve just been “fully charged” after a good night’s sleep. No one also complains (or throws a doggy tantrum) whenever I lead them in a short sprint. We get to see a lot of our senior neighbors too, busy with their morning garden rituals. 🙂 Of course, my dogs love the attention the neighbors give them!

Morning walkies would probably be Kubrick’s favorite. He’s really active, and he enjoys the runs and short sprints a lot. Unfortunately, we only get to do this during the cool months (November to January). It gets real hot in the mornings during the summer, and none of us want to suffer heat stroke or sunburn for the sake of walkies… unless, of course, we wake up extremely early in the morning 😛

Afternoon Walkies
This is probably what we do most during the summer months: afternoon walkies! We usually do this about an hour or less before sunset. By this time, it’s not so hot anymore. In our village, this is also the time when kids go out to play with their nannies in the park. Shantee just loves kids, so I wouldn’t be surprised if afternoon walkies is her favorite.

Afternoon walkies is probably what we usually do lately. It’s still a bit humid during that time, but at least it’s bearable — and better that the sweltering heat of noon and mid-morning.

Night Walkies
Living in a gated community, night walkies is possible for us. We’ve got great security in our village, so it’s quite safe to go out at night — even at midnight! We usually go out for night walkies whenever I have to do overtime at work, or when overtime work is taking too much toll on my evening and I needed to go out and get some fresh air. The dogs are quite sluggish already by this time, so we usually spend a lot of time with night walkies because they’re so slow 😛

Night walkies is Pixel’s favorite. She’s a very shy dog, and I think she enjoys the quiet solitude of night walkies. There are few cars to make her jump, and practically no humans or other dogs to scare her. I must admit that night walkies is indeed a peaceful walk, perfect if you’d like to take it slow and think. Night walkies is also my favorite — the best thing to do to wind down a normally busy work day.

So what then, is the best time for walkies? Considering all these, I would say, anytime is the best time 😀 Though I think the best answer will probably be that it depends on the weather and the availability of humans to take their doggies out for walkies.

My dogs and I have our favorites. How about you and your pet? Morning, afternoon, or night walkies?

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